The Food & Drink Expo 2021

Rerum Consultancy & Rerum Ingredients will be attending The Food & Drink Expo at the NEC in Birmingham from 5th-7th of July 2021.

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Flavour is the most important choice for a consumer when choosing an ice cream to eat.

Developments in the ingredients industry has opened up the market to have a wider variety of choices for consumers beyond flavour. These include dairy-free ice cream, low sugar, ethical & organic ingredients and cleaner labels.

Dairy free ice cream is a trend that has been growing rapidly. Surprisingly approximately 65% of the human population have a reduced ability to digest lactose.

Low sugar options are also increasing in the market, and the consumer is also becoming more aware of artificial sweeteners leading to their slowly decreasing use.

Ingredient labels are becoming shorter as more consumers are becoming interested in what ingredients go into the food they are eating.

Despite all these factors the main driver remains the flavour of the product. The most popluar ice cream flavour in the UK is vanilla, shortly followed by mint choc chip!

Reducing sugar content in ice cream couldn’t be easier with our Suglow formulation. Suglow is a natural product that comes in the form of powder and liquid. Suglows natural sweet flavours work perfectly into dairy & non-dairy ice creams, reducing sugar content without loosing sweetness or taste.

At Rerum Ingredients we stock a wide range of flavours suitable for a variety of uses.

Food & drink supporting immunity

Customer demand for ‘immune boosting’ products has increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

6 out of 10 consumers now seek out products with immune boosting links. Immune supporting snacks and supplements seem to be the products that are more likely to be picked up. This may be due to their ease of integrating into a consumers lifestyle.

Packaging and claims for portraying immunity is vital. Product developers must be careful on wording and imagery to create the best brand perception.

Vitamin K2-7, Probiotics – SYNERGIA LIFE SCIENCES

Information from an article written by Mandy Saven for The Grocer, read here –

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Nice Ice, Nice Price

Palsgaard has launched a new range of integrated tara gum emulsifier-stabiliser blends. Palsgaard® ExtruIce 303/305 and Palsgaard® MouldIce 203 offer a number of functional benefits in ice cream, including stable overrun, heat shock protection and storage stability.

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Vitamin K2-7

Humans absorb only about 30% of the calcium we intake through food. This absorption decreases to 15%-20% in adulthood and continues to decrease as we age.

Vitamin K2-7 improves the utilisation of calcium. Therefore, fortifying milk with Vitamin D3 increases absorption of calcium and vitamin K2-7 improves the utilisation of calcium.

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Vegan & Plant-based Cake Mixes

Palsgaard have just released a great new product giving a simple solution for vegan and plant-based cake mixes.

The functional ingredient blend that delivers tasty, moist & fluffy plant based cakes!

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Suglow Sugar Replacer

Suglow’s range of natural sweet flavours result in a decreased amount of sugar used in recipes. Suglow can you used for a variety of manufacturing needs.

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Samples are available on request.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from everyone at Rerum Ingredients.

We are wishing you and your family the very best over the festive season.

Vitamin D in Breads & Milk

Recent studies suggest the positive impact that Vitamin D has to help fight against COVID-19. As up to half of the UK population has a vitamin D deficiency this is concerning.

Vitamin D can be added to everyday food items to reduce the populations deficiency problems.
Milk and breads have been highlighted as key items that can be fortified with added vitamins, however vitamin D can be added to a variety of items to increase daily supplement intake. Vitamins are already being added to children breakfast cereals so this method of increasing a populations intake is not new.

If you would like to find out some more information or find out how you can add vitamin D to your product line please get in touch.

Our principle Divis Nutraceuticals produces a high quality (silicone dioxide free) vitamin D2 & D3 supplement that can be added to a variety of products.