Vitamin D in Breads & Milk

Recent studies suggest the positive impact that Vitamin D has to help fight against COVID-19. As up to half of the UK population has a vitamin D deficiency this is concerning.

Vitamin D can be added to everyday food items to reduce the populations deficiency problems.
Milk and breads have been highlighted as key items that can be fortified with added vitamins, however vitamin D can be added to a variety of items to increase daily supplement intake. Vitamins are already being added to children breakfast cereals so this method of increasing a populations intake is not new.

If you would like to find out some more information or find out how you can add vitamin D to your product line please get in touch.

Our principle Divis Nutraceuticals produces a high quality (silicone dioxide free) vitamin D2 & D3 supplement that can be added to a variety of products.

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