Our Colour Range

We offer a complete range of natural and synthetic colours for a variety of applications. The processing conditions and recipes will affect your product as well as determining the final colour of your product, we can work with you to help you create the desired colour.

We can also help you create bespoke colours to match your specific requirements.

At Rerum Ingredients Ltd, we can provide you with full support to help you optimise the design of your product. With more than twenty years of experience in the field, you can be sure that our advice is reliable.

Colour Applications

  • Confectionary
  • Bakery
  • Ice Cream
  • Chocolate
  • Savoury
  • Dairy
  • Fruit Concentrates & Purees
  • Beverages


Processing conditions for confectionery and recipes will affect the final colour of your product. For instance, some colours, such as Spirulina, are sensitive to heat and others to light. Another factor that can influence the colour of the product is its pH level.


Whether you produce sauces, marinades for meat products or instant or fresh soups, the looks are what count. Nowadays we are seeing more innovative products being coloured with our natural colours.


Your baked products are clearly more attractive when they look vibrant and colourful. However, the colours you use need to be heat and light stable, and preferably natural.


With regard to dairy, there are many different products that can be manufactured using natural colours. For example, cream cheese and hard cheese, yoghurt, milk or ice cream products. Each product you manufacture needs to be made using high quality ingredients that are stable and efficient to use.

Ice Cream

You can find various different types of ice cream on the market. As well as ice cream based on milk, water or fruit, there is hard or soft ice cream, fluffier or stickier varieties and so on. The most important criteria for ice cream are appearance, taste and bite. Rerum Ingredients Ltd can help you with choosing the right colours.

Fruit Concentrates & Purees

These days, fruit concentrates and purees are being used more and more as a result of the clean label trend. In response to customer demand, fruit is increasingly being introduced as an ingredient in all sorts of products. It could also play a part in enhancing your products.


Taste, bite and appearance are key elements. When it comes to colouring chocolate, you need a colour that dissolves in oil or fat.


The colour of a drink is vitally important to consumers and has even been proven to change the consumers perception on the flavour of the beverage.


We have both focus and flexibility to meet the demands in this ever-changing market.

No matter the volume of your order we can enable your manufacturing to stay on time and on budget.

Natural Colours

We offer a complete range of natural colours and colouring foods to your products.

Rerum Ingredients Ltd can provide you with the right colours to give your products an upgrade that will increase your sales.


Our colours are produced in state of the art facility, with FS SC22000 and HAACP accreditation.